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Shadow Puppet Sketches

It was so exhilarating to build tiny characters and landscapes for a living, breathing story. Created for a show that we had to cancel.

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When grandma attacks

Grandma attacked me again this morning. We have an appointment on Wednesday with her doc so I'll find out what's wrong with her then. I did an internet search. Might be low iron.

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Spirit pug punches

[caption id="attachment_193" align="alignnone" width="620"]...

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OM Bot

  The OM Bot meditates for you.

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Bones of a song

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Octopus Puppetry

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Robot loves a bird

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Robot in the garden

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Sloth being a sloth

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Buffer Overflow Mountain

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Robots and a bunny

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man bird man

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april fool

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dinner with hal

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People on the Train

Most of the folks read or sleep or play with their phones, so its rare I get to draw someone looking up.   The Asian man on the left was watching a movie on his laptop and started to cry in the middle of me drawing.  I can't remember the ...

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Bird Scout

  A friend of mine had a fun idea to create a shadow puppet show in the style of those ink prints from woodcuts.  This here is my first attempt to create something digitally.  It was ridiculously fun to make and I didn't have to kill my carpal tunnels carving real wood....

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early retirement

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golden handcuffs

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bird on a bike

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Chiditarod 2011

Come check out an excellent event I won a logo contest for: Chiditarod VI.  March 5, 2011 On March 5th Chicago's mushers, artists, philanthropists, action heros, pub-crawlers, professional badasses, cartoon characters, activists, ninjas, saboteurs, old people, robots and enthusiastic leisurists ...

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Foxy writer

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Monkey bar

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Sketchy Animals

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figure sketch

2008 - pastel on paper Part of a larger figure sketch done at the Division St. Artist's Guild when we had weekly figure drawing workshops.

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Sketch of a guy who looks like he could assign 10 DSM-IV labels to you from 20 feet away. 2008 - Charcoal on newsprint

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