No Roots thumbnail image

No Roots

No Roots - Mixed Media on Canvas 24x36

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Our Life Together

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Untitled thumbnail image


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Ghosts thumbnail image


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This is our song #1 thumbnail image

This is our song #1

This is Our Song Mixed Media 18 x 24      

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Shadow Puppet Sketches thumbnail image

Shadow Puppet Sketches

It was so exhilarating to build tiny characters and landscapes for a living, breathing story. Created for a show that we had to cancel.

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This is Our Song #2 thumbnail image

This is Our Song #2

mixed media 24 x 36

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Walking into the sea thumbnail image

Walking into the sea

Mixed Media on canvas 24 x 36

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Snow Branches thumbnail image

Snow Branches

The space between tree branches forms some of the most beautiful shapes. It's as if each tree has a personality only made apparent by the space running around and through it. I keep coming back to ...

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When grandma attacks thumbnail image

When grandma attacks

Grandma attacked me again this morning. We have an appointment on Wednesday with her doc so I'll find out what's wrong with her then. I did an internet search. Might be low iron.

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Paint over paint thumbnail image

Paint over paint

The problem with not having a destination is you don't actually know when you've arrived.  This is why I never actually can seem to finish a painting.

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big face thumbnail image

big face


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Earl the Squirrel thumbnail image

Earl the Squirrel

Earl often has trouble sleeping, especially when there is ...

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Lemon Boy thumbnail image

Lemon Boy

  Pretty excited about this project. This is a sample from Lemon Boy, A Story in Snow. It's an upcoming project written by Mary Ellen Goodwill and illustrated by Carl Brahms

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Spirit pug punches thumbnail image

Spirit pug punches

[caption id="attachment_193" align="alignnone" width="620"]...

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OM Bot thumbnail image

OM Bot

  The OM Bot meditates for you.

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Bones of a song thumbnail image

Bones of a song

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Octopus Puppetry thumbnail image

Octopus Puppetry

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Robot loves a bird thumbnail image

Robot loves a bird

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Robot in the garden thumbnail image

Robot in the garden

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Sloth being a sloth thumbnail image

Sloth being a sloth

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Buffer Overflow Mountain thumbnail image

Buffer Overflow Mountain

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Robot and cat thumbnail image

Robot and cat

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Robots and a bunny thumbnail image

Robots and a bunny

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Flowers thumbnail image


  I've been playing with pastels and acrylic off and on and am enjoying the immediacy of the color.  No blending or waiting for stuff to ...

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man bird man thumbnail image

man bird man

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april fool thumbnail image

april fool

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dinner with hal thumbnail image

dinner with hal

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Gong Feast thumbnail image

Gong Feast

I worked on this postcard design for an upcoming shadow puppet show I'm puppeteering along with the fun folks at Gong Lab.  On the printed collectible version, ...

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People on the Train thumbnail image

People on the Train

Most of the folks read or sleep or play with their phones, so its rare I get to draw someone looking up.   The Asian man on the left was watching a movie on his laptop and started to cry in the middle of me drawing.  I can't remember the ...

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Bird Scout thumbnail image

Bird Scout

  A friend of mine had a fun idea to create a shadow puppet show in the style of those ink prints from woodcuts.  This here is my first attempt to create something digitally.  It was ridiculously fun to make and I didn't have to kill my carpal tunnels carving real wood....

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early retirement thumbnail image

early retirement

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golden handcuffs thumbnail image

golden handcuffs

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bird on a bike thumbnail image

bird on a bike

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Cat thumbnail image


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Chiditarod 2011 Poster thumbnail image

Chiditarod 2011 Poster

This is the poster I submitted for the event (it didn't win the contest). Come check out the most excellent event! Chiditarod VI.  March 5, 2011 On March 5th Chicago's mushers, artists, philanthropists, action heros, pub-crawlers, ...

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Chiditarod 2011 thumbnail image

Chiditarod 2011

Come check out an excellent event I won a logo contest for: Chiditarod VI.  March 5, 2011 On March 5th Chicago's mushers, artists, philanthropists, action heros, pub-crawlers, professional badasses, cartoon characters, activists, ninjas, saboteurs, old people, robots and enthusiastic leisurists ...

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Foxy writer thumbnail image

Foxy writer

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Monkey bar thumbnail image

Monkey bar

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Sketchy Animals thumbnail image

Sketchy Animals

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Octocalypse thumbnail image


A giant octopus is causing the apocalypse by burning everything to the ground.  This one's sort of self-explanatory. Octocalypse - 2010 Acrylic on Cardboard.

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dream machine thumbnail image

dream machine

2010 - Mixed media on stretched canvas 28" x 42" - SOLD This painting formed around the dream I have of there being a hidden design or intelligence behind the chaos of daily life.  At first glance ...

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yellow figure thumbnail image

yellow figure

2010 - Mixed media on stretched canvas 28" x 42"

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red figure thumbnail image

red figure

2010 - Mixed media on stretched canvas 28" x 42"

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pisces thumbnail image


2010 - Mixed media on canvas 8' x 12" - SOLD A portion of a large canvas mural in a private collection.

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tv in space thumbnail image

tv in space

2009 - Acrylic on cardboard Painting over a crappy $3 thrift store print of a dutch painting to create a lady watching TV in outer space as she works on stitching up her spirit bear.

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bedroom thumbnail image


At 6' x 8' this is one of the first larger paintings I've begun.  If I didn't need the wall space, I could work on this one for years. 2010 - acrylic on mural canvas

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blue baggage thumbnail image

blue baggage

2010 - Mixed media on stretched canvas 28" x 42" This is the first in a series of abstract figure paintings I started in 2010, called Blue Baggage.

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open your head thumbnail image

open your head

2010 - Acrylic on canvas - 10" x 12"  This was my first attempt at recycling used thrift store canvases.  It was originally a pretty Chinese bird painting that nobody wanted.  Now it shows a pair of ...

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crazy eddie thumbnail image

crazy eddie

2008 - Acrylic on canvas 12" x 14" Crazy Eddie.  He'll try to sell you a car that you just sold him.

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figure sketch thumbnail image

figure sketch

2008 - pastel on paper Part of a larger figure sketch done at the Division St. Artist's Guild when we had weekly figure drawing workshops.

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psychometrist thumbnail image


Sketch of a guy who looks like he could assign 10 DSM-IV labels to you from 20 feet away. 2008 - Charcoal on newsprint

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self portrait thumbnail image

self portrait

2008 - Acrylic on canvas - 12" x 14" This was the first painting I completed since I was a kid.  My wife says the eyes follow you around the room, so I guess that part was successful.

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